Consultant - Water Treatment & Waste Mgmt

Abdoel’s experience in the Oil and Gas industry started when he joined Shell Refinery, Pernis in the Netherlands in 1980 where he worked in several technical and senior roles.

His extensive experience includes laboratory analysis techniques, operations support and troubleshooting, process design and optimization, process safety, water and waste water treatment/management.

Prior to joining Bowalds Energy as a Consultant in 2017 and in his stint, as a front-end and project engineer, at the Shell Technology Centre, he delivered a number of engineering design and specifications for water/waste water treatment systems for several facilities in Europe and Nigeria. He has provided technical support to water facilities in the Netherlands, Nigeria, UK, German, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, France and Curacao.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Hoge School at Delft in the Netherlands and has undergone several technical and management trainings in the course of his career with Shell companies.