Development Engineering


Bowalds Energy’s development engineering services cover the main sectors of the energy industry namely – Exploration & Production, Gas & Power, Pipeline and Terminals. These services and solutions we provide are constantly underlined by our 4-fold performance criteria christened Value


  • Value Creation
  • Value Optimisation
  • Value Realisation and
  • Value Sustenance

The Energy industry especially the oil and gas sector operates a business model that start from Exploration phase through to Production and eventually Abandonment phase. In the era of “easy-to-find-and-exploit” resources, it was sufficient for operators to approach their fields and assets development based mainly on profitability usually measured in terms of return on investment (ROI). However, current global developments in the areas of safety, environment and corporate social responsibility requires operators to dig deeper and take a more holistic approach to developing their assets whilst maintaining healthy still returns to investing stakeholders.

Based on our Value COReS criteria, Bowalds Energy proposes to get involved early enough to support clients with our expertise in maturing opportunities from scouting through to development concept selection. Our involvement begins from identification and screening of all plausible options in support of the exploration and appraisal (E&A) program and continues through to post-discovery feasibility and development concept selection studies. We continuously apply our multi-discipline skills alongside client’s in-house professionals and management to deliver valuable solutions that maximises field / asset value proposition required for the preparation of field development plans (FDP) which will meet and surpass expectations for approval by statutory authorities. We are familiar with stage-gate process and adapt our services to the specific version in use by the client.

Our Value COReS ensures that we go beyond offering the usual technical feasibility and economics considerations but includes an assessment of the prospect and opportunity fitness in the client’s short – medium – long term business strategy and shareholders aspirations in a sustainable manner. In doing this we also consider regional peculiarities such as trends local legislations and political landscapes.

Thus our Field Development services include overall consideration of the development, growth and sustainability of our clients’ business based on Technical, Economic, Commercial, Operational, Political and Environmental factors.

Opportunity scouting, screening and maturation studies

At Bowalds Energy, we are adequately resourced with manpower and tools to carry out screening studies for identified growth or optimisation opportunities both at corporate business or asset levels. Based on the “problem statement” we start with categorisation of each study into an appropriate maturity band to enable us scope and execute in the most suitable pragmatic manner to achieve a balance of quality, cost and time. The opportunity maturity bands are broadly categorised as follows:

  • identification,
  • feasibility,
  • concept selection
  • concept definition, sometime referred to as pre-FEED or Conceptual engineering.

Field development planning (FDP) studies

At Bowalds Energy, we realise that operators and partners usually require independent consultants to complement / supplement their in-house manpower resources to prepare initial or revised or updated integrated field development plan for each asset in their portfolio.

We are set up to deliver this service to our clients by adopting the identify – assess – select – define methodology in our studies to determine optimal technical concepts and technology required to achieve both performance and commercial targets set for each asset. The deliverables from these studies are essential ingredients for Field Development Plans that will meet requirements for approval by statutory bodies / agencies.

We are able to efficiently deploy our multi-disciplinary skills to lead and coordinate resources required to prepare field development plan for clients. Furthermore and when required, in collaboration with reputable subsurface engineering service providers, we are set up to provide seamless integration of subsurface and surface engineering studies required for full field development planning. This includes the following areas;

  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Field Economic analysis
  • Reservoir Development planning.
Asset Re-Entry / Re-Development Studies and Project support

At Bowalds Energy, we recognise that the mature hydrocarbon resource basins and production regions still hold significant reserves either as “left behind” or as “stranded” reserves by the first generation operators. Some of these are yet to be properly decommissioned and are often targeted by independent operators with “lean organisations” with the aim of extracting further reserves from such fields in a safe and economic manner.

At Bowalds Energy, we have the skills set required to translate available data from old fields to determine the feasibility of redevelopment or re-opening the field for further production. We will assess current market situation and technologies and aim to select a concept that delivers most value to the client and their stakeholders. A multi-discipline approach to such studies ensures that required iterations are carried out to optimise the concepts at the level appropriate for each opportunity.

We are also able to provide support to projects associated with field re-entry / redevelopment to ensure that project scope and deliverables are appropriate and deliver maximum value for the money.

Marginal fields development engineering studies

At Bowalds Energy, based on the Value COReS criteria, we are equipped with skills to support clients in studies and reviews to identify and assess positive trends in technology, market forces and other parameters to transform marginal fields into commercial fields.

Marginal fields are assets that have the following parameters affecting them;

  • Inability at a given time and under a combination of environmental, political and sale price factors, to yield enough net income that attracts investment for development.
  • Depleted reservoir or field nearing its end of economically viable life

Reserves in most of these fields are currently held either as undevelopable or economically not viable by owners. However a carefully scope study, exhaustive evaluation of life-of-field development options, and identification of appropriate technology has the potential to unlock these potentials and turn into value. This is where we come in to distinguish ourselves.

Optimisation and Late Life extension studies for brown field operations

According to figures from Douglas Westwood and BP, it was deduced in 2004, by linear extrapolation from 20-year oil and gas production history, mature/brown fields (i.e. fields that have passed their peak rates) would represent more than 50% of total global oil and gas production by 2012. Current projections are that the ratio is already around 70%, according to reports from various key international players.

The key to sustained business viability is therefore and increasingly dependent on optimisation of the operations of existing infrastructures, deploying newer technology among other concepts to extend the life of these mature assets beyond their original design limits. This is where Bowalds Energy’s expertise comes in with years of experience in coordinating and scoping of life of field reviews covering reserves, wells, process facilities, infrastructural integrity and overall class related parameters. Using industry accepted tools and our in-house Value COReS criteria; we are able to prepare analytical reports which provide clients with ingredients for strategising the way forward for the asset under scrutiny.