About Us

We are an Energy, Oil and Gas consultancy servicing company.

With our global HQ located in Lagos Nigeria to act as a HUB for our main African operations, our UK operation is located in Aberdeen Scotland to cater for our clients in Europe and the North Sea in particular, while our United States of America (USA) Houston office in the pipeline will help to service our North and South American clients.

Our operation covers the following; Engineering and design, Technical Safety & Assurance, Water & Waste Management, Offshore & Subsea Technology Engineering, Pipeline management, Field development planning (FDP) studies Marginal field’s development and Procurement.

Bowalds Energy will be the globally preferred provider of technical, project and operational support services to clients by using the combined knowledge base of our staff as strength to enhance cultural integration, creativity, value and prosperity for all by 2030.

We have great focus on quality delivery of the following services:

  • Technical and Process Safety, Assurance & Risk Assessment
  • Plants and Facilities Optimisation and Life Extension Consultancy
  • Water and Waste Management
  • Environmental Assessment and Management Technology
  • Business Development (Due Diligence) Support
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Oil & Gas Field / Asset Development Engineering
  • Training & Manpower Development.

To promote profitable and sustainable business activities within the Energy, Oil and Gas sector that will meet and exceed customer’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

We assist our clients manage their new and ageing assets through the provision of quality Engineering support services, improve their operational capacity to effectively optimize their assets, assist in extending field life and pipeline for both; (onshore and offshore) assets, restarting or rejuvenation of old existing fields, manage engineering projects from feasibility and concept to first oil. Our Offshore and Marine services cover all deep-water subsea engineering operations.

With a strong and experienced resource base, we are positioned to incorporate lessons learnt from relevant operations across the globe. Hence our solutions are adequately benchmarked, optimised and customised to serve the need of individual projects and clients.in the various regions of our operations.

Bowalds Energy will conduct its business based on principles of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism. We seek to partner with similar Oil and Gas service providers, leaseholders, asset owners and operators to identify innovative solutions that create value through win-win relationships. We are constantly looking for opportunities to partner on projects where our operational expertise can be brought to bear for creating real time and sustainable value.

Backed by our skills and expertise, we will deliver to our clients solutions that are focused on our 4-fold performance criteria (COReS);

Value Creation
Value Optimisation
Value Realisation
Value Sustenance