Business Development

Our team of experts, with extensive exposure to various categories of development and operations and working in multi-discipline/cultural teams, are well positioned to provide strategic and highly valuable advice based on sound analysis of available data and input from clients management and staff.

Bowalds Energy recommendations will be based on holistic view of the opportunity / prospect / proposal from the subsurface to surface facilities and the market. These will be not just generic but tailored to meet clients’ corporate aspirations in a most valuable manner. We will always rely on our Value COReS principles to deliver quality result in the following areas of corporate business:

  • Acquisition & Divestment support: Data room (technical & commercial) evaluation / preparation
  • Asset due-diligence and management decision support services,
  • Asset growth and optimisation studies (Organic Growth)
  • Project Management support services
  • Procurement Strategy and
  • Supply of field maintenance and operation plants and equipment

Our strength lies in our people, who have worked with major and independent operators across the global energy industry in senior and leading roles. They have gained valuable hand-on and managing experience with the world’s leading field and technology developers, marine contractors, banks, investors and law firms, government bodies and public-sector institutions.

We offer facilitation services to clients as may be required and will prepare reports for the following events:

  • Business Strategy and Planning sessions
  • Opportunity definition / framing sessions
  • Facilities concept / strategy identification workshops
  • Risk Identification workshops
  • Value Assurance Review sessions
  • Decision Gate sessions
  • Data room evaluation for Acquisition and Divestment opportunities
  • Due diligence and management decision support services, technical and commercial evaluation.
  • Asset growth and optimisation studies (Organic Growth)
  • Pipeline Asset Management
  • Project Management support services
  • Procurement and supply of field maintenance and operation plants and equipment

Bowalds Energy provides pipeline Asset Management to the oil and Gas industry. We have technical experts who provide support for the basis of assessment of pipelines for internal and external inspection to meet client required specifications for hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon pipelines by;

  • Developing short and long term pipeline internal and external inspection strategy
  • Develop pipeline cleaning programme scopes of work as part of inspection program
  • Identify required equipment’s (pigs) for pipeline cleaning operations
  • Plan, coordinate and manage pipeline cleaning operations
  • Develop scopes of work and procedures for seabed survey
  • Manage seabed survey operations for pipelines (flexible and rigid) lay route
  • Manage flexible jumper, umbilical, EFL and HFL lay route and installation
  • Ensure As-built field layout reflects status of the seabed & up-rev drawings
  • Source and manage pipeline and riser isolation tools operations

Bowalds Energy provides advisory services for procurement and supply of field maintenance and operations plants and equipment to our clients. Our procurement team is dedicated to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of tailored procurement services including:

  • Procurement and contract management
  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Material control
  • Inspection
  • Logistics

While maintaining the highest standards and complying with the industries global Code of Conduct and ISO regulations, our team provides a full range of services – from sourcing and prequalification across order management to confirmed delivery of goods or services.

Bowalds Energy has an in-house standard that is tried and tested that enable us to work closely with our international supply companies to ensure the procurement and delivery of products to our clients.

Our international and local procurement professionals combine their expertise and operate in a wide diversity of locations with great contact with our procurement and supply partners. This ensures that the changing operating needs and local markets are well understood and compliance with local regulatory requirements is met. The organization is continuously growing and expanding across all continents but our focus on delivery locally remains the same.

Using our global contacts, we are able to supply our clients with wide range of products bearing in mind their quality expectations, on time delivery of orders, monitored delivery as set standards.