Ty Crandall

Ty Crandall
Company Technical Advisor

Ty Crandall is our company advisor, he is an HPHT expert with over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He is currently the Managing Director of Salos Sunesis Ltd (SSL), an independent consulting company which has provided strategic business services to several major oil and gas companies worldwide. He has founded SLL in 1996 and it is currently at the front end of international well control training, coaching, technical assisting, and advising. The company has been actively involved with companies from all over the world for well control incident prevention and resolution.

His exposure to HPHT operations spans for more than 17 years. He has conducted several HPHT Audits and Well Control Audits for most North Sea Operators. His most current HPHT projects are the following:

  • Technical Advisor, Glencore West Africa Project
  • Technical Advisor, Bowleven HPHT West Africa Project
  • Technical Advisor, British Gas North Sea HPHT Well
  • Technical Advisor, Nexen North Sea HPHT Well
  • Technical Advisor, GdF Suez North Sea HPHT Well
  • Technical Advisor, Total HPHT North Sea and West of Shetland Deepwater Wells
  • Technical Advisor, Suncor’s North Sea HPHT Well
  • Technical Advisor Tullow Oil HPHT Deepwater West Africa Project

Ty has also served as world-wide Training Manager at Aberdeen Drilling Schools (ADS) for five years. During his time in ADS, he has developed technical drilling manuals, which is still in use today.

Moreover, as Project Leader and Technical Writer, he has also developed HPHT Well Control Manuals for North Sea Operators, which have both served as foundation for HPHT operations in these companies.